About Us

Founded in January 2022 by Elexus Ashford, Natural Source Is a company that provides 100% Natural products that contribute to enhancing overall health and beauty. The Sea Moss gel we provide is cultivated in the clean ocean waters of  St. Lucia. Our sea moss is not grown in man made pools and is only processed by drying in the sun. No extra salt or extra processing is needed. All products are home made in Charlotte North Carolina with fresh unprocessed ingredients. Our goal is to provide a convenient source of natural products made with the most pure, top quality ingredients, to our communities. We believe that taking care of one's health, both internally and externally, should not feel like a chore. We also believe knowing where products come from, how they've been processed, and what’s in them, should be simple to identify. We want to make enhancing health and beauty easy and enjoyable. In an effort to do so, we’ve also given customers the option to flavor our sea moss products to fit each individual preference.